Frequent questions from first-time home seller 


06 March 2024

The following frequently asked questions from home seller cannot be answered with general answers because every real estate market is different. So, the answers for home seller will be different depending on where you live and the real estate community you are.


The home selling process may come with many frequently asked questions and whether you have or have never sold any home, the questions are the same.

You need to know what to ask to a realtor agent when selling your house, so take a look at this article to learn more on the topic.

The following frequently asked questions cannot be answered with general answers because every real estate market is different. So, the answers will be different depending on where you live. It also applies to the best time to sell a house that will depend on the real estate community you are.

When is the best time to sell my house?

It actually varies from community to community. Since every home seller situation is different, you should discuss this with your realtor agent.

What steps should I take to prepare my home?

Before listing your home for sale, prepare your home so you have an advantage whenever a buyer shows up. You must be sure that your home‘s first impression presents itself in the best light.  

What to say to potential buyers?

When selling a home, you need to know what to say to potential buyers. It is very important that you disclose anything you are aware of in your home to them. Also, whenever possible, try fixing any defect before your house goes into the market.

Should I price my home higher to leave room for negotiations?

A seller who prices their house too high can be costing themselves more money than if they priced it to reflect what is suggested in the market value.

A well priced home will get sold just fine, even if this pricing strategy is used by many home sellers, so there’s a chance to negotiate low-ball offers. Doing this is not necessary at all.

Should I be present during my home showings?

It’s better if you are not present and there are many reasons as to why you, as a home seller, should not be present during your home showings. But the reason number one is: so your potential buyers do not feel uncomfortable.

It is important that they can talk open and freely with their real estate agents about their future home: your house. The best thing you can do is to leave before the showing starts and come back once the potential buyers have left your home.

What is a home sale contingency?

A sale contingency is a clause that is included in an offer to purchase a house. It is also a clause in a real estate sale contract in order for buyers to know if the home they want to buy is suitable to what they need.

This also means that the potential buyer of your home must sell their existing one, before being able to purchase their new one.

How do inspections work in houses?

Inspections are a common contingency plan that buyers make before purchasing or offering what they are willing to pay for a house. And there are different types of inspections. In most cases, these are at the expenses of that same buyer.

There are other types of tests that a buyer has the right to perform on a house they want to purchase. But they have a specific number of days to complete them and a specific number of days to remove them.

The above request asked questions list from home sellers are all okay. So, you do not have to worry if you have more than these ones. There are no dumb questions when starting a process like this.

Selling your home is not an activity that is frequently done. So, make sure you make all the questions you need to your agent in order to be fully prepared and well educated on the home selling process.

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